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Content lessons your business can learn from THE BACHELOR

We KNOW Osher! It’s surprising, right? But The Bachelor knows some essential content lessons that will have customers falling head over heels in love with your brand.

Have a backstory The most memorable contestants on reality TV are the ones with stories to tell and the personality to tell them. It’s the same for business. Sharing your brand’s story with an authentic personality is essential to cutting through the noise in the marketplace. It shows who you are and why you’re different as well as creating a connection to your audience. Ask yourself what’s different about your brand and how you are going to present those differences to achieve your business goals. Or you can ask us and we’ll take that workload off your hands

: )

Be true to yourself People can spot a fake in less time than it takes Osher to do his hair (a LOT less time). If your communications aren’t honest and in keeping with your brand’s values, people will start to disengage. Just like The Bachie, brands need to be truthful and trustworthy. We will make sure your content and messaging is as real as those red roses.

It’s all about personality Dirty street pie Laurena, Keira the bitch, Ritchie ‘cool bananas’….Having personality sets you apart. Social media is the perfect platform for brands to become more human and engaging. Giving your customer a curated ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse with an instastory or sharing a funny meme can create loyalty that’s stronger than Tim Robards’ biceps.

What’s new? Ok, The Bachelor is a reality TV show that follows a familiar format every year. But six seasons on, we’re still hooked. That’s because each season presents fresh personalities, characters and experiences. Adding a sprinkle of newness keeps things exciting. So is it time to refresh and repackage your brand story or reangle your content strategy? We can help answer those all-important content questions and give you ideas of where to go next (especially if you’ve faced a plot twist like Richie or changed your story angle like the Honey Badger!)

Make them care

Invest your customers in your story and make them part of it – competitions, asking for their opinions, surveys, rewarding super fans…there’s plenty of ways to engage your audience and turn ‘likes’ to LOVE.

Leave them wanting more Who’s not going to get a rose? Who’s getting whisked to Bali? WILL THEY KISS?! Every episode of The Bachie sends us to the edge of multiple cliffhangers that keep us wanting more. Delivering the right messaging to your audience, at the right times, keeps your brand in view. Couple this with meaningful content that engages, entertains, inspires and informs and they’ll be back to see what you’re up to quicker than you can say ‘rose ceremony.’



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