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🌴 Natural Raw C dairy-free rawsomeness in Coles magazine🌴

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

We’re completely coconuts for our client Natural Raw C! So when they launched a range of new products in Coles supermarkets, we were excited to be asked to put together an ad for the November issue of the Coles magazine.

With 4.152 million monthly readers (Roy Morgan, Dec 2017), the magazine is the most read publication in Australia. Not only that, the November issue is one of the most important – hello Christmas shoppers! So we had to get the ad creative and messaging spot on.

Natural Raw C have launched seven very different coconut products in Coles - from all-natural flavoured coconut milks to premium coconut oil and Incredible Spreadable coconut spreads - and we had to include them all in the single ad.

We enlisted the help of one of our favourite food photographers, Joe Filshie, to take the shot and kept the creative in the same fun, colourful style we use on their social media content to ensure brand synergy.

The ad appeared on a right hand page in the first half of the mag, right next to dairy-free dessert recipes. Pretty #rawsome indeed. 



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