12 mind-blowing facts that explain why having great social content counts

Social media users (that’s 17 million Australians, which works out as 69% of the population, so basically everyone) scroll through 91 metres of content EVERY DAY. That’s the same height as the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben. And a lot of cat videos. Is your content good enough to stop the scroll?

Aussies spend an average of five and a half hours a day online.

One hour and 39 minutes of that time is spent scrolling through social media.

Is your product of service getting the screen time it deserves?

50% of Australians log on to Facebook at least once a day. But is it you or your competitor that they’re liking?

Instagram is Australia’s fastest growing social platform. There’s currently over 8.8 million Aussies active on insty – up 36% on last year #blessed

Of the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them have Instagram accounts.

On average, people have 5.5 social media accounts each! That’s a lot of passwords…

Pizza is the most instagrammed food, followed by sushi and steak.

Top three emojis on twitter? 😂❤️♻️ - yep, we were surprised about the third one too!

More people own a mobile phone than a tooth brush 😱 We’ll just leave that one there...

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